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Swiss Force
Okay so this is a little project. its for, if you’re from switzerland, you to get to know  some tumblr users from Switzerland, its kind of like a community or network, i didnt make another blog cos its so hard lmao. 

ANYWAYS! i hope you get to meet a lot of people, you can request to be on here when ever you want just tell me your name and the city youre from

you dont have to follow me you dont have to promote me or anything, the only rule i ask you to follow is to be nice  to the users you might meet or message, thanks ( :

Swiss Force:

Delany, Zurich

Lauren, Geneva &/or Lausanne

Ian, Zurich

Goleyakh, Lausanne

Laila, Zurich

Mareike, Basel


Victoria, Zurich

Anabelle, Basel


Ivana, Near Lausanne

Mae, Zurich

Inés, Geneva

Josh, Zurich

Gina, Zurich

Gianna, Chur

Sam, Zurich

Kimberly, Zug


Silvana, Neuchâtel

Sara, Zurich

Leo, Basel

Mara, Basel

Claire, Sierre-Valais


Caroline, Zurich

Armelle, Basel

Lirim, Aarau

Nora, Lucerne

Louise, Zurich/Chur

Julie, Lausanne

Anja, Chur

Nathalie, Schaffhausen

 Lukas, St. Gallen

Melanie and Nathalie. Frauenfeld/Winterthur

Biopolis. Zurich (via Chur)

Awesomestuck, Zurich

Carlos. Lugano

Ariel, Basel

Alyssa, Geneva

Gray, Geneva

Lisa, Zurich 

Nicole, Zurich

Lirim, Aaraau

Jo, Ticino 

Jiaqi, Geneva

Pedja, Chur


Anna, Lausane

Yakine, Neuchâtel

Kim, Geneva

Mario, Lucerne

Joshua, Berna 

Sad-fling, Zurich

Jahwe, Lucerne

Brian, Zurich

Yannik, Berna

Clarissa, Zurich